Evolva Future Technology Baby Pillow Prevents Flat Head, Long Size Anti-Drop Breathable Suitable for Infant Newborn

  • PREVENT FLAT HEAD: Evolva Future Technology baby pillow has a concave spherical surface in the center and an auxiliary molding area on both sides. It consists of a number of fine pressure relief holes that relieve the pressure between the baby's head and the pillow. And the curve of the baby's head is wrapped in a large arc to reduce the likelihood of a flat head.
  • 100% NATURAL ORGANIC MEMORY FOAM : Made of 102% natural organic memory foam. The soft and comfortable memory foam material will return to its original state after being pressed, and can be used repeatedly without being easily deformed.
  • EXTRA-LONG PILLOW FACE: It has a 42 * 17 * 2.7cm extra long size that gives your baby plenty of sleep and turn-over area. Baby can fall asleep safely, and the mother no longer has to worry about the baby falling off the pillow.
  • THE OPTIMAL PILLOW HEIGHT: The height of the pillow suitable for the development of the baby's cervical spine; Pillowcase is made of safe natural bamboo fiber, which has good breathability and skin-friendlyness.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Cleaning and maintenance will be very convenient, just clean the pillowcase and ventilate in a cool place. Gentle reminder: Please do not put the pillow into the wash machine and expose it to the sun for a long time.


Evolva Future Technology Baby pillow prevent flat head is the best gift for angels to grow up!

  • Developed specifically for newborn babies:
  • Has a temperature sensitive property that gradually becomes softer and more comfortable as the baby's body temperature, reducing the pressure on the baby's head.

  • Scientific head shaping:
  • The pillow forms a certain concave width, which increases the contact area between the baby's head and the pillow. The amplitude of the pillow naturally guides the baby's head to the center setting area, so that the baby can correct the position during sleep and gradually restore the perfect head shape.

  • Extra long anti-falling pillow (42*17*2.5cm):
  • Designed for baby sleep, increase the baby's sleeping area and turning over area. A larger area to take care of the baby's shoulder and neck development, no matter how the baby turns over, she will not fall outside the pillow

  • Care for your baby's skin:
  • The memory foam pillow has a plurality of circular breathing holes, which can increase the airflow with the pressure of the head, and play a role of ventilation; the pillowcase is made of bamboo fiber, and is carefully sewn without being off-line. Soft and delicate touch, maximally absorb sweat, let every angel baby sleep peacefully

  • If you decide to own it you will get:
  • Memory foam baby pillow *1 
    Breathable bamboo fiber pillowcase*1 
    Baby cotton bib*1

    Soft reminder: In order to minimize product distortion. Please do not machine wash and expose to the sun for a long time.


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